Facebook support number

Facebook Support Number

Most people are habitat watching videos and the more type of the article and using Facebook every time .they are using  Facebook and sharing the stories and images., Facebook is the leading social media services, and these services use by millions of users in the world. Our experts of Facebook help for the use of for Facebook support number thru managing your account, managing your safety and managing your privacy. here you have the right to be adding anyone friend on facebook and send to a friend request after the friend request uhh can exchange messages and see their profile and any type post and status update. If you use Facebook or have any trouble in using Facebook and need professional help then instantly contact our experts through our  Facebook customer service number or Facebook support number.facebook has become popular among any group.community and country of its ease of use and wide range of features .the facebook is a really powerful tool in the world. Facebook can help you keep closer with your loved and family friends .it is one of the most love and major social networking site. You can dial a toll-free number facebook toll-free number to the helpline number.

Best Features of Facebook:

Facebook Live Video
  • No additional app is needed to use this feature the live video and the content prompt is located in a normal update status prompt in a mobile app.
  • Multiple studies have concluded that video engagement is higher on Facebook that than on any other platform, so this is something to pay attention to in a coming month.
Facebook Professional Services
  • If you have notice facebook actively prompts you to review the places you have been. If you check at tag a location, are Facebook will ask you to elaborate then about your experience and this purposeful.
  • Facebook wants to be a recommendation engine. The mark Zuckerberg alluded to this right before he rolled them out the first iteration of Google search suggesting that is Facebook user could search for a sushi restaurant and the get inferred recommendations from the contacts.
  • The personalized recommendation may be a generalized forum more like experience. The facebook professional service recently ad the resulting product is currently the more akin to google reviews than to the robust reviewing community of he help.
The Facebook At Work
  • The facebook at work is a Facebook enterprise solution, and they have a pretty compelling sales pitch the enterprise the social solution with the functionality that’s mostly people are fa, learn with.
  • Communication professionals that mean in the near future you may perform internal communication in a closed the Facebook ecosystem.
Facebook Shopping Tab
  • Facebook an added by button and allowed e-commerce partners to the sell products on facebook through Shopify. Then even though the result of social shopping were the disappointing for the facebook this year facebook appeared poised to expand their e-commerce offering in 2016.
  • The Facebook has begun to roll out a shopping tab to the small number of users, with the paid results similar to the googles the shopping tab.
  • These communication professionals should be able to partner with marketers to leverage this feature for the increased sales when it is rolled out on a greater scale.
Instant Articles
  • Facebook introduced instant article for ios, the feature that allows publishers to have their the content distributed and the viewed directly within the facebook app.the just the recently, instant article was the expanded to Android devices.
  • The feature designed to mimic snapchat agile, then unique content, instant articles the can be viewed in nearly all mobile devices with the great reach than snapshot and the similar apple news app.
  • The Apple news and others, communication professionals need to understand that content may be consumed entirely on the third-party platform.

A new facebook event allows you to do all of the following in a very user-friendly environment:

  • The browse invitations
  • Accept invitations
  • Bookmarks
  • RSVPs
  • Schedules
  • Calendar entries
  • Ticket buying
  • Check-ins
  • Photos

For the communication professionals that coordinate a lot of events, the facebook events may be a straightforward and then accessible way to manage them.

Issues related to Facebook were resolved by Facebook Support Number:

Hacking has become Nowadays as cybercrime becomes prominent with time but if you detect the hacker the FB account early-stage recovery is possible with a below-given stape.

  • Open your browser and go to FB login page.
  • Now click on my facebook account is compromised.
  • Type your username and Id continues
  • Provide the password you were using before the hacking.
  • Now select a reason for resetting or recovering your password.
  • Someone else goes to in my account without my permission
  • Top to get started
  • Enter the details for your recovery method.
  • The enter a code you received a prompted page.
  • Create a new password and re-enter the same to confirm.

List of some Hidden features of Facebook:

You already know about these options and you maybe you do not but the employing a blink and you miss it tactic can a have you missing out there on some the great opportunities for your account. 

Facebook email
  • Under your the contact info tab your facebook about the page. You are found alongside any other email address you have the featured one that features you publish the username followed by Facebook. 
  • Then you worry that there’s a special inbox to your facebook email filled with the messages that you have not been receiving. 
  • The keep in mind that this the address is for your facebook messages the inbox in conversation bubble sandwiched between a friend request and notifications symbols then the top left-hand corner of your page. 
  • Any messages inbox you get to the username and facebook adderess will be added then there with a little red number the that will be pop up a reminder of how the many you have.
  • You can also send messages to the Facebook address without using facebook.
The custom username
  • We spoke about this one a lot in the best-hidden features. The Facebook username can be the create by the logging into your account settings the tab and clicking on the bar marked the username customizes the web address for your profile. 
  • The username is that you can only change it first. Recently was the opportunity made them available to the switch it over a second time or its doubtful that the third time will be the charm here.
  • Creating the username for your account, it is suggested to the use a variation based of your own name then made it easier for he friends to find you or list your account on personal networking website on a resume.
  • Then you can an also use the periods when the creating said username.
Life events
  • Another reason to the make switch over to the timeline if you have not already on a facebook timeline you have an option to the write a stutas. 
  • The post a photo and check in to a place, or create an event.
  • A life event an open to the everything from the school and you attended to the places you have traveled to and even the relationships then you have with the other Facebook users.
  • You might not feel inclined to feature all of your life events that Facebook offers the ability to feature.
  • You have an option there to write about or share with the close family members friends.
The app setting
  • This is a one might not be a hidden gem on facebook but it is made for an interesting timeline of its own to see just hoe the many apps you have authorized to interact with your account
  • Under the account, the setting tab is where you can find and clean out the app setting if they no longer apply to be he used with your profile.
  • Like viewing a blast from your Facebook past if you were really into the apps. Then please of flair or bumper sticker.
The facebook archives
  • The under the account setting tab, then click on general setting. The underneath language you should be able to find a button marked download a copy of your Facebook data. 
  • You can get a copy of your Facebook history the downloaded featuring the posts you have made on your wall.
  • The photos you have shared. He names and email address of your friend, and many.
  • There has even an expanded archive download available that includes as Facebook puts it. Into the like address, we store about your logins to the facebook.

Features of Facebook:

  • Facebook messenger schedule at any time.
  • Users can customize facebook status setting to allow who can view their profile
  • Create a reminder for a special event.
  • Download a friend creating an album-only single click.
  • In Facebook, Account customers can create a photo album with their loved ones.
  • update your facebook account without the sign in
  • Update picture to facebook from flicker.
  • Interest list.
Create an account – when I see how do I create a  facebook account.
  • Why I am being asked to add my account add my phone number to my account.
  • How can I make facebook password strong
  • I can’t create any type of account  with my mobile phone number
  • Why was my name rejected during sign up?
Confirm your account
  • I do create a finished account my facebook account and confirm my mobile number
  • I didn’t receive the code from Facebook to a mobile phone number.
  • I can’t find my facebook signing-up email.

Should you send a friend request to the facebook friend ..you can add a friend by searching for them and sending them a friend request .if they accept you automatically follow that a person or they automatically follow you .which means that you may see other person other posts which news feed.

Sharing stories –
  • How do I  share a video and facebook on facebook?
  • How do I  share the news with my story on Facebook?
  • How do I share with my story on facebook?
  • When I share something to my facebook .what does it appear.
  • How long are facebook and videos in my story available on facebook?
  • How do I delete my photos and videos on my Facebook story?
  • What is a birthday story on Facebook?
Creative tools –
  • How do I add the music on my facebook story.?
  • How do I add any type of stickers to my story on facebook.?
  • How do I add the text on my Facebook story?
  • How do I add the location on my Facebook story.?
  • How do I reply or react to someone story on facebook?
  • How do I mute or unmute someone story on Facebook?
  • How do I turn notifications story on or off on facebook?
  • How do I report a photo and the videos in a story on facebook?
Privacy settings –
  • How do I choose who can see the story of my facebook?
  • How do turn my facebook story archive on or off?
Screen Readers and Assistive Technology
  • How do I repeat a problem with facebook?
  • Which screen reader should I use for facebook?
  • I having trouble posting a comment while using the dragon.
  • How does add the mobile number to my account make facebook more assemble?
  • How do I turn voiceover on or off?
  • How can I change dates from being read as a number by voiceover on my computer?
  • How do I close the pop-up menu while using voiceover in IOS?
  • How does automatically alt text work?  
Hear alt text before uploading

when you’re using the Facebook account app for Android. if you can use automatic alt text to hear a description of photos and videos before you upload them.  Open Facebook using Talk Back and long press on the photo in your camera roll.

  1. Tap Settings or  Privacy at the bottom of the facebook page.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Edit next to Data Usage.
  4. Tap More.
  5. Tap Save
Managing your account
Login and Password-

When you create a new password keep it mind.

  • Your Facebook password should be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  • Your Facebook password should be different than the password you use too long into another account, like your email and bank account.
  • A longer password is usually more secure.
  • Your password is should not be the email phone number or your birthday.
  • When you know the current password you can change it.

If you having trouble changing your password learn how to get login and password help.

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  • One time password number.
  • I am not receiving your email to reset my password on facebook
  • I can’t reset my password because I’ve reached a password reset limit.
  • How do I use the app password?
Your profile and settings-

If your profile tells the story and your story you can choose what to share such as interest photos and personal information like your hometown and who to share it with your profile includes your timeline. Where you can see your own post and posts you’ve tagged in your timeline and tagging setting will help you manage tags and review who can add and see things on your timeline.

Confirming your name

If you see the message when you log in your email and asking your name  you may be temporarily unable to access certain Facebook features while we work To confirm or edit your name, log in to your Facebook account and follow the on-screen instruction

Using your name on Facebook

We understand that the name you use everyday life might be different from your legal name.

  • Whats names to allow on Facebook.
  • I am in the process of changing my name .which name should I use on Facebook.
  • How do I add and edit a language-specific name?
Changing your name or adding additional names

You can also change your additional name on your facebook(ex: nickname, maiden name) to your profile. Keep and mind that you can change your name more than once in 60 days.

  • How do I change my name on facebook?
  • How do I add or edit another name(ex -nickname, maiden name ) on my profile.
  • Why can’t change my name on facebook?
Managing your privacy

If you are concerned about using your name on Facebook, we have tools that can help you manage what information people can see about you.

  • What is public information?
  • How do I control who can see what is your profile and your timeline?
  • How do I edit basic information on my profile can choose one who can see it.
  • How can I see what is my profile looks like to people on facebook I’m not friends with?
  • How do I control who can see your email on your profile?
  • Who can see your friend section of your profile?
  • What is blocking and how to block the other person on facebook?
Keeping Your Account Secure

Security is built into any type of feedback protect and we offer several security features, such as logging alert and two -factor authentication to help you add an extra layer of security to your facebook account .you can also review and update your security settings at any time. you can learn more about what you can do to keep your account secure.

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  • What can I do to keep my account safe when sending money and receiving money in facebook
  • Whats security checkup and how do I start it.
  • How is Facebook working to keep the community safe?

Notifications are updates about activity on Facebook. you can go to your notification settings to change what you’re notified about and how you’re notified.

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  • I am not receiving an email notification.
  • How do I turn notification your memories on and off?
  • What type of notification does facebook send?
  • How do I turn off notification on an event?
  • How do I turn notification for stories on or off on facebook?

Ad Preferences Pages on websites or apps off Facebook to show you ads, you can opt out from your settings.

Learn more about how Facebook decides which ads to show you and how to give feedback on the add you see.

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  • What are my add performance and how can I adjust them?
  • How can I views and adjust and adjust my news feed preferences?
  • How do I change to currency for payments I make on my facebook.
  • Making ads better and giving you more control.
  • How does Facebook decide to which add to show me
Accessing & Downloading Your Information
Tools & Resources
  • How do I view my information on facebook?
  • How can I do download to copy my information on facebook?
Deactivating or Deleting Your Account

What is the difference between deleting and deactivate the account .how do I reactivate it.

  • How do I temporarily deactivate my account?
  • How do I permanently deleting my facebook account?
  • Can I remove an account for a friend or family member who’s medically incapacitated?\
    Privacy and safety-
    Staying Safe
Take a Break-
  • How do I talk a break from someone on facebook?
  • Can I limit who can see it my past posts on my facebook account?
  • Who can I see how changing a relationship status
  • How can I stop someone connected with me on facebook

Hacked and Fake Accounts-

Your Facebook account should be representing you .and you only should have access your account .if someone gains access to your account or create a new to pretend to be you and someone else we want to help we also encourage about to your account represent fake people,pets celebrities or organization account.

Photos –

someone tagged in a photo you don’t want to tag in you You can share one photo and create an album with the collections of photos from a special type of place we can share a lot of memory like a birthday party vacation. It’s up to choose who can see your photo and album. If can untag it.


This is one of the most impressive ways of Facebook.  it is share and discover the on facebook .you can share videos and discover video in your news feed. You can also find video and shows and video watch on Facebook,

Group provides any type of space to communicate about the shared interest with certain people you can create a group for anything like your family reunion, you’re after works sports team depending on who you want to join your facebook group and see your group. learn how to create a group and who is joining and you are interested in,  You are the facebook group admin this is the place to find resources your admin manage the group and communication.


Let you organize any type of function with your Facebook friends can create and attend the event for anything from birthday dinner to a school fundraiser. when you create an event you can control who can join the event.


You can use facebook and messenger to-

Send Fundraiser money to a friend.

Purchase games and makeup in-app upgrades.

Donate to a charity or personal fundraiser.

By and sell items on the market place and in groups.

By advances tickets for an event.

Promote your event, product or company facebook ads.

We use to inscription for your protect your payment and keep your credentials secure and we can learn more about how Facebook protects your payment information.

When you can add the payment information in Facebook and future purchases and review your payment history to confirm purchases. if you need help with payment on facebook let us know.

Market place-

People and businesses can market place to buy and sell the items on facebook you can find things to buy searching for a specific item or browsing category learn more about buying and selling marketing.


you can choose the privacy settings for apps and games you use .most apps and games are created by third-party developers who follow our platforms policy The app or game you are having trouble with, contact its developer, they may be able to help

Story archive –
  • How do I find my facebook story archive?
  • How do I achieve my facebook story turn of and on?
Navigation Assistant-

How do I use a navigation assistant,

Keyboard Shortcuts
  • How can I navigate facebook with a keyboard shortcut?
  • Can I use facebook keywords shortcut with my screen reader?
  • Can I turn facebook reader shortcut.?
Market place-

People and businesses can market place to buy and sell the items on facebook you can find things to buy searching for a specific item or browsing category learn more about buying and selling marketing.


you can choose the privacy settings for apps and games you use .most apps and games are created by third-party developers who follow our platforms policy

The app or game you are having trouble with, contact its developer, they may be able to help

Facebook mobile and desktop apps-

you can use Facebook to stay connected on many many devices including Iphone, ipad, windows, android and features phone to see what a new with the help and install the latest version you can go to the facebook and mobile page or visit your phone and storage 


Facebook committed a good experience to all people on the facebook page  Learn about the features and technologies that help people with disabilities, such as vision loss and deafness, get the most out of Facebook. 

Why we are better than official Facebook support:

Official Facebook customer service directly does not provide any contact number for their customer’s help, customers can only ask a question in official Facebook help community. But Facebook support team does not respond quickly, if you want an instant solution to your problem then immediately dial our Facebook customer service number and you don’t need to pay any charges for calling.

Features of Our third-party Facebook customers service team

  • We have well trained and qualified technicians
  • Providing 24*7 technical support through call so customers can dial our Facebook customer service toll-free number anytime
  • Our Facebook helpline number is toll-free so you don’t need to pay any charges for calling
  • Providing error-free and Instant customer service
  • Difficulty in downloading Facebook messenger
  • Facebook server down issue
  • Customers can also contact our support team through live chat or email
  • Our technicians provide support at the very cheapest or affordable price
  • Help customers with 100% satisfaction
  • Our experts provide quick and reliable service
  • Our experts help users without paying any subscription or membership charges

Why dial our Facebook contact number

There are a lot of reasons that can force you to dial our toll-free Facebook contact number.

  • You can call us when your account is deactivated or suspended
  • To appeal for activation of account if deactivated by Facebook
  • You can contact if you think your account is used by someone without your permission
  • Contact our experts if you are unable to report infection and want to report an infection
  • You can contact to change your name on a Facebook Fan page
  • Dial our support number if your fan page is not shown in the search result
  • You can contact if you get error message “page unavailable ” while accessing Facebook fan page
  • You can contact if you want to modify Facebook fan page category
  • Dial our toll-free Facebook contact number if you want to reset your password or forgot your Facebook password
  • Contact to get help for configuring your account
  • If you want to get help for configuring your account
  • You can contact if you want to permanently delete your account
  • You can also contact if you want to report user name infringement
  • Customers can contact to report a bug(photo bug, video bug, bugs on a Facebook group, events)
  • Contact for Facebook credit related help
  • You can contact if you encounter suspected activities on Facebook adds
  • Customers can contact if they need suggestion and help related to the Facebook search engine
  • To report suspected activities on Facebook adds
  • To Know how to report underage child

How do I contact Facebook customer support by phone number

Due to the advanced technology and options of Facebook, you will face numerous sort of troubles, if you get any problem to Facebook and want support, then directly contact our Facebook customer service number through our fee Facebook support range. we have a team of dedicated qualified still trained to facebook toll-free number technicians and that they area unit here 24/7 able to provides help, thus for any quite question or question associated with Facebook you’ll be able to decide the U.S. anytime. here are the dedicated service and tech facebook support number team listen to customers trouble or problems very carefully they can always help you with the best relevant solution.

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