Quickbooks Database Server Manager-Install, Update and Setup

Quickbooks accounting software provides an amazing convenience feature which is called as QuickBooks database server manager to the users. It is a kind of service by which a quickbooks user can easily configure for the quickbooks application to multi unique users and creates a network data file (.ND) for any business company on the host computer. So you need to install, update, and set up the quickbooks database server manager for maximum utilization of quickbooks desktop and file performance on the network. Here is the complete guidance of quickbooks database server manager which will take you in the right way to collect the information about the database server manager:

Advantages of Quickbooks database manager:

  • The local store or drive can be easily analyzed to connect with the latest Quickbooks version.
  • Can update the Quickbooks company file quickly.
  • You can easily scan the particular company file which is to be used for Quickbooks online support for multi-user access by QB software saved on another system.

Accessing process of Quickbooks database manager:

  • The accessing process of Quickbooks database manager is very simple, anyone can access it smoothly.
  • Open your system properly, go to the ‘Start’ button and click on it.
  • Click on the ‘ Programs’ or ‘ All Programs’ option and select the ‘Quickbooks’ tab from the list.
  • And at the last, click on the ‘ Quickbooks Database Server Manager’ option to access it.

Instant tips to use the Quickbooks database server manager:

  • Quickbooks Database server manager (QBDBMS): It creates the network data file and stored the company file in the host computer.
  • Multiple version: If you are installing multiple version of database server manager then it will provide you the only multiple version of process. But it can’t provide you the multiple version of the software.
  • Adding of Quickbooks user: When the QBBDMS is installed, a user is added by each Quickbooks version.
  • Go in a chronological order: Install this database server manager with the newest version and use the multiple version of Quickbooks desktop.

How to install, update, and setup the Quickbooks database server manager?

Installation process of database server manager:

  • Search for the location of Quickbooks installer on the host computer and double click on it.
  • After double clicking on the quickbooks installer, open the installation wizard.
  • If the computer has internet access with high-speed accuracy to download and update, click on the ‘Next’ option to proceed forward, and if the internet is not accessing with the computer to download and update, then click on the ‘No’ option and then ‘Next’.
  • Remember that, after doing this close all other programs running in the background and click on the ‘Next’ option to proceed next.
  • Now read the term of software license agreement delicately and then agree to it. Click ‘Next’.
  • Select the type of installation from the ‘Custom or Network Options’ section and click on the ‘Yes, allow access’ option.
  • To complete the installation of Quickbooks database server manager follow the on-screen instructions.
    After the complete and proper installation update and setup the database server manager carefully.

Quickbooks database server manager, Update:

  • To update the Quickbooks database server manager you need to download and update the Quickbooks desktop app which is a latest Quickbooks version.
  • It is necessary to know that the server and computer are patched in the same connection.
  • After the complete installation, reboot your system.
  • You will get a message on your server after proper installation.
  • Follow the popups for backup and after completing the backup process you will be able to open the company files.

Set up of QBDBMS:

  • Open the Quickbooks database server manager and scan all the Quickbooks company files and folders that you want to configure for the Quickbooks multi-user activity.
  • To add a new company file to the server use the monitored drives feature and keep the database server manager up to date.
  • Confirm that the users are logged into the Quickbooks company file and the files are connected to the server.
  • Remember that, if you want to modify the status of the service then use the service administrative tool configure it into the server.
  • Use the ‘Updates’ feature and download the latest updates version to the Quickbooks server.
  • And finally, your Quickbooks database server manager is ready for the work.

How to run the quickbooks database manager?

Follow the below steps to run the quickbooks database server manager:

  • Click the ‘Start’ button from the home screen desktop.
  • Click on the ‘All Programs’ option after clicking on the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Then go to the Quickbooks folder and click on the ‘Quickbooks database Server manager’.
Uses of tabs in Quickbooks database server manager:

In the Quickbooks database server manager, you can see 5 various tabs ( Scan Folder, Database server, Monitored device, Updates, and System) are available for easy management.

Scan Folder:

  • Click the ‘Start’ menu from the desktop and go for the ‘All Programs’.
  • Select the ‘Quickbooks Folder’ and navigate towards the ‘Quickbooks Database Server Manage’.
  • Check that, which folders contain Quickbooks company file, if you are unconscious about the company file then you can choose the scan entire disks.
  • Then click ‘Scan’ to begin the scanning process.
  • Again in this tab, you can see other options of ‘Add Folder’ and ‘Remove Folder’.
  • Click on the ‘Add Folder’ option and select a folder that you want to add.
  • In order to remove a file, click on those folders which are in the Quickbooks company file and then click the ‘Remove Folder’ option.

Database server:

  • This tab shows the latest statics and status of the database server.

Monitored device:

  • Monitored drives help to found each and every hard drive from your computer.
  • And after completed of the initial scan, the hard drives chosen by you will be continuously monitored.


  • Click the ‘Start’ button and select the ‘Program’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘Quickbooks’ option to click the ‘Quickbooks Database Manager’.
  • Select the ‘Update’ option and follow the onscreen instruction to install the updates.


  • As usually open the ‘Quickbooks Database Manager’, click on the ‘System’ option and check the system information for the system where the database server is installed.

Hope this post is helpful to get some information about the Quickbooks Database Server Manager. Further, if you need any help then contact our Quickbooks Support phone number for a best and reliable solution.

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