Quickbooks Desktop Payroll: A complete package to manage a business

Keeping attention towards the digital world, Intuit has given the best accounting software which is popularly known as Quickbooks accounting software. This software has changed the way of business and made the business easy to handle. Due to a popular accounting software in the world, Intuit provides so many products, features, and services to the Quickbooks software for better development. Quickbooks desktop payroll is one of them. In this blog, we will get all the information of intuit payroll or Quickbooks desktop payroll.

Let’s recognize the Quickbooks desktop payroll:

Quickbooks desktop payroll is a beneficial product from Intuit to Quickbooks users especially for those who have the small and mid-sized business. It helps to keep all the accounting details, run the payroll for users, and pay the employees without having to get into much hassle. It means all the payroll activities are occurring on the Quickbooks desktop version. Performing payroll is not an easy task, it need so many time and attention for an errorless result. Due to this reason, desktop payroll is available to shut out these type of issues.

Amazing features of Quickbooks desktop:

  • Easy maintenance of inventory items
  • Analyze job profitability
  • Track balance sheet
  • Special subscription for business
  • Automatic reporting
  • Priority to orders fulfillment

Services provided by Quickbooks Desktop:

Intuit provides three types of payroll service for the QB users by using the Quickbooks desktop version. These three services are Quickbooks basic payroll, Quickbooks enhanced payroll, and Quickbooks full-service payroll. All the three services are doing the same activities which are mentioned in the above, but each service has different features. These services will help you to perform payroll in QB.

  1. Quickbooks Basic Payroll:

    Quickbooks basic payroll is designed to create paychecks, send direct deposits, and calculate payroll taxes. This service is a good option for those businesses who are able to prepare their own payroll tax forms. Quickbooks payroll cost also matters to cost to purchase the service. A user can use this basic payroll service at the cheapest price by comparing the other payroll services. It does not include any year-end form or a tax form.   

    It is a simple and trustable service, which can guide the customer by the step by step procedure to configure the payroll setting, paying employees, adding new employees and etc.

    Features of Quickbooks desktop basic payroll:

    • Can calculate the gross pay automatically.
    • Can deposit the payment directly with no additional charge.
    • Provide access to the employees to view and print their pay stubs.
    • Create the details and proper report for the payroll taxes.
  2. Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll:

    If you are searching for a complete payroll feature then you need to keep Quickbooks enhanced payroll. Quickbooks desktop enhanced payroll can be used in house. The cost of Quickbooks enhanced payroll is more than the Quickbooks basic payroll. So it is little difficult to purchase this payroll product.

    Features of Quickbooks desktop enhanced payroll:

    • It can also calculate gross pay automatically like the basic payroll.
    • Can deposit direct payment at no additional charges.
    • Can access the e-pay system of state payroll tax deposits.
    • Create detailed reports for state payroll taxes.     
  3. Quickbooks full-service payroll:

    Quickbooks full-service payroll is for professional users. It is basically used in the small-sized business. It provides a free trial for the starting of 30 days with a guarantee of a payroll tax return.  

    Features of Quickbooks desktop full-service payroll:

    • The Intuit full-service payroll can calculate the paychecks for both salaried employees based on hours worked and hourly.
    • Direct deposit option at no additional charge to the employees.
    • Provide no penalty guarantee included with the full service of payroll.
    • Can track the deduction for insurance benefits.

Quickbooks Online Payroll for users:

It is true that we are discussing about the Quickbooks desktop payroll, but all the Quickbooks users are not using the Quickbooks desktop version, most of the people use the Quickbooks Online version and handling their payroll activities through the Quickbooks Online Payroll. Quickbooks Online payroll also can do the same activity of Quickbooks desktop payroll. It can run the payroll easily on time. Sometimes the users can’t able to run the Quickbooks online payroll, to shut out the problem we have a solution in the below for you:

Procedure to run Quickbooks online payroll:

  • At first, click on the ‘Employees’ option from the Dashboard, and click on the ‘Run Payroll’ option from the top corner.
  • After clicking on the ‘Run Payroll’ enter the hours worked for all employees and review all the other information to ensure it.
  • In the next step, you have a final chance to review the payroll information before submitting.
  • After checking all the details click on the ‘Submit’ option and follow the on-screen instruction to print the paychecks.

End line of the blog:

If you are a Quickbooks user or a Quickbooks desktop user then you have three option to add payroll functionality: basic payroll, enhanced payroll, and full-service payroll. In short, we can say that the basic payroll offers some minimal functionality to calculate the payroll taxes and paychecks, enhanced payroll provides the complete set of payroll functions to fill the tax form, and the full-service payroll takes care of the processing paychecks with the no-penalty guarantee. Choose your favorite option and keep installing the Quickbooks desktop for a good business. And at the last, if you getting any trouble during the installation of services then you can the Quickbooks payroll support through our Quickbooks support number.

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