How to fix QuickBooks Error 6123?

As we know the Quickbooks is a well developed web-based accounting software, which offers various type of advanced technology to the users like Quickbooks online,  Quickbooks plus, Quickbooks essential, Quickbooks database server manager and etc. but still, it creates some error for the Quickbooks users to stop their work in Quickbooks. Quickbooks error 6123 is one of the errors which is also created by Quickbooks, but it occurs while the Quickbooks company data file damaged in QB or disturbance occurring on the host computer.
In this blog, we will discuss the main motto that how could we get rid of the Quickbooks error 6123, so read the blog carefully and try to understand it.

Causes of Quickbooks error 6123:

Here are some reasons which might match with your problem Quickbooks error 6123:

  • Disturbance during restoring a Quickbooks company file from an external storage device.
  • Interrupted network connection from the host server to other systems.
  • Damaging of a company data file in Quickbooks.
  • Firewall settings interrupting the Quickbooks software to open the company.
  • Interferes of McAfee in the services of QuickBooks desktop.
  • Damaging of Windows in the host system.
  • Changing of host-name of the computer.
  • Trying to take a direct backup of a storage device.
  • Running of Quickbooks database service in the system.

Symptoms of Quickbooks error 6123 :

  • Crash all the activities program from the window while working.
  • Popping out of ‘Quickbooks Error 6123’ message continuously in the desktop.
  • Slow response of mouse and keyboards but sluggishly running of Windows.

Ways to solve the Quickbooks error 6123:

Method 1: Download Quickbooks File Doctor:

  • The easiest method to solve the Quickbooks error 6123 is downloading of Quickbooks File Doctor.
  • It is an application which helps you to overcome the issues or errors you face using QB.
  • Let’s start the first procedure to face the error 6123.
  • First, download the Quickbooks file doctor and run it in the host system.
  • After running it browse the company file and select the ‘Check File Damage Only’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘Diagnose File’ option.
  • Enter the admin password in the password field and click on the ‘Ok’ option.
  • Select the ‘Open file in Newer Version’ option or select the ‘Repair file in the existing version’.
  • The above steps are the manual guide steps to reach this session, now you have to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After following the on-screen instruction reboot your computer or PC for a new refresh.

Method 2: Move the company file in a different location:

  • If the error strike to open the Quickbooks company file, then try to move the company file to the other location.
  • After transferring the file in a different location properly, open the file.
  • In a case, if you have a server connection, and trying to move the company file then copy it and open the file in Quickbooks.

Method 3: Uninstall the Quickbooks:

  • There is another way to resolve the error 6123 from your Quickbooks software.
  • Go to the control panel and uninstall the Quickbook software.
    Again download the Quickbooks version which you want to use for you a better business in your computer or you can download it through CD also.
  • Install properly with the normal procedure and enter your product and license information.
  • And lastly, open the company file.

Method 4: Rename the .TLG file, and .ND file:

  • Open the folder where you have store the company file and select the .ND
  • Right click on the company file and click on the ‘Rename’ option to rename the .ND file.
  • Replace ‘.ND.OLD’ on the ‘.ND’ file and similarly replace the ‘.TLG.OLD’ on the ‘.TLG’ file.
  • Now you can open the QB company file.

Method 5: Create new user Window icon:

  • Open the ‘Control Panel’ from your system and select the ‘Create New User’ option from the ‘Control Panel’ window.
  • After that click on the ‘User icon’ option and select the ‘Administrator’ for the user type.
  • Then click on the ‘Log Out’ option and restart your system.
  • After that log in to the new icon user and move the QB company file to the desktop.
  • And lastly, open the Quickbooks accounting software and access the company file.

Method 6: Avoid antivirus programs:

  • In most of the time, the problem may be caused due to the interferes of antivirus program with the company file. And in this situation, the user may not able to open the company file in Quickbooks.
  • Try to disable the antivirus program from your system and open the company file.
  • Maybe this method made the error solve.

Method 7: Check the Standby Mode:

  • Check what mode the host computer is on (Hibernation mode or in Standby mode).
  • Reconfigure the system as soon as possible it might disable to access you to your Quickbooks error files.

Manual methods to solve the Quickbooks error 6123:

We provide some manual methods to the Quickbooks users to troubleshoot this problem. First, try to shut out this problem in some standard tips further if the error is occurring in your Quickbooks account then follow the proper solution. Have a look towards the below:

  • Change the QB Software single-user into multi-user
  • Reboot the system instantly after getting the error
  • Update the security software by using the firewall setting
  • Check out the standby mode
  • Use the data recovery file features to restore the .ADR copy file and test that the file is working or not.

The above blog will give you the idea to solve the quickbooks error 6123. Further, at any point, if you are not able to understand the procedures accurately then don’t waste your time by searching the solution of the error here and there just get help from our Quickbooks support team through the Quickbooks support number. At the last of the blog, we suggest you download Quickbooks and install it on the host computer if you want to see the progress of your business in the market.

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